NLT Devises New DC Zoning Map

Revised GIS mapping application

DC Office of Zoning

NLT revised a legacy GIS mapping application that provides a comprehensive zoning map for the District of Columbia. This next-generation, Web-mapping application uses the latest geospatial tools and integrates Google, ESRI’s ArcGIS Server as well as the latest DC GIS web services. The DC GIS web services used include the MAR, VPM, and cartographic map services. The new zoning map is a stable, public-facing, Internet-based, interactive application that provides a variety of useful information in a user-friendly format. The new map allows users to determine the zoning classification for any property in the District. Users are able to search zoning classifications by address, square and lot, parcel number, case name or number, Business Development Adjustment (BZA) name or number, or by Planned Unit Development (PUD). The new interface allows users to select different layers of data to display and to print reports for any property. Users are also able to view results in Google’s Street View. The next phase of the project involves incorporating the city’s rich aerial oblique imagery via pictometry.




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