NLT Continues to Sustain a Long-Standing Partnership


NLT is proud to have held a long-standing partnership with DC GIS. The following are among the many projects we have successfully undertaken for DC GIS:

Citywide Planimetric Update

In support of the DC GIS Strategic Plan, DC GIS undertook a citywide planimetric update in 2005. The original GIS planimetric data was produced from 1999 aerial photography. This effort was designed to update that pivotal dataset using new aerial photography obtained in 2005. NLT, in coordination with Fugro EarthData and DC GIS staff, worked to update and capture various planimetric layers to more accurately reflect the District’s ground conditions.

First Citywide 3D Multi-Patch Dataset

NLT, in partnership with CyberCity, supported the development of the first citywide 3D multi-patch dataset. In total, there are approximately 125,000 3D buildings, making it one of the world’s largest 3D models. NLT also developed three-dimensional spatially accurate photo-realistic models of Washington, DC, by merging the multipatches with oblique imagery. The goal was to aid DC GIS in developing an implementation plan for various 3D technologies and visualizations. NLT performed the initial pilot work leading to the development of this project and continues to support the District’s application and use of the data.

DC Office of Tax and Revenue and DC GIS

NLT is providing data editing, quality assurance, and quality control on Vector Property Map (VPM) layers at the DC Office of Tax and Revenue. The VPM is a comprehensive property database that provides detailed boundary information for lands throughout the District of Columbia. This effort includes researching and digitizing the city’s federal reservation property data.

Until now, documents for those reservations had been missing and scattered. The location and dimensions of the reservations were contained in scanned paper documents from DC’s Office of the Surveyor, documents from the National Park Service, and digitized planimetric data gathered by DC GIS.

NLT’s work involves converting the paper data sources into digital format using ArcGIS Desktop COGO, Editor, and Advanced Editing tools. NLT also fills special requests using property data and property source images to produce reports, maps, and supporting documentation.

DC Guide – Web GIS Design & Development

NLT helped design and deploy the award-winning GIS portal for the DC Guide. In recognizing NLT’s work on this project, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers noted that the GIS technology in the DC Guide:

. . . allows the application to seamlessly deliver a vast amount of information at a much faster rate than similar municipal websites. All information the user selects is shown on one map as opposed to other websites that require the use of separate GIS applications to access different types of data.

Online mapping tools help website visitors find their way around the city, learn about DC history, research real estate property values, and more. DC’s chief technology officer summed up the importance and utility of NLT’s work with these words:

In the past, GIS mapping tools were used primarily by governments and businesses, but not the general public. We set out to develop innovative uses for these versatile applications and put them in the hands of every resident, business, and visitor to the District of Columbia.

Geospatial Education

When DC GIS set out to improve the quality and lower the cost of geospatial education provided to DC Government personnel, it called on NLT. Our GIS trainer worked onsite with DC GIS and the Center for Workforce Development to compose training procedures; customize courses, documentation, and newsletters; enhance tools; and secure hands-on training facilities. Over the course of the project, NLT conducted GIS training for more than 700 DC Government employees. Our efforts met the goals of increasing awareness of the DC GIS program and educating DC employees about how to use
GIS effectively.

Geospatial Data Production NLT’s GIS analysts worke done on site to perform a number of geospatial data production tasks for DCGIS

Projects included:

  • A routable multi-modal transportation network based on ESRI’s
    transportation model.
  • Compressed high-resolution imagery for distribution to customers.
  • Historical maps digitized and geo-referenced.
  • A DHS standardized data model for data sharing and collaboration.
  • A checklist for compliance with FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) standards for data security/sharing.
  • Metadata creation.
  • Data creation for FCC and National Park Service datasets.

Recently, NLT has been awarded an IDIQ contract to provide GIS services on a task order basis. Our first assignment under that contract involves Arc2Earth Google Data Services Enhancement.

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