D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority

New Light Technologies has assisted the District of Columbia Health Link, when their website went live on October 1, 2013. In the IT Command Center, where most technical support, development, and testing took place, NLT consultants monitored customer support and IT responses taking place in Salesforce and Remedy. NLT customer service coordinators maintained open lines of communication between CSRs, customers, and first-line IT technical support.

NLT’s IT security experts oversaw all operations, ensuring that the network remained secure and that back-up and recovery procedures were in place. NLT experts also worked on a new multi-tenant HBX marketplace architecture for the next generation of DC Health Link. A large part of NLT’s success in this arena involved empowering CSRs to work alongside IT technical specialists, aiding in identifying errors as they happened in real time.


NLT provided quality assurance/user acceptance testing (QA/UAT) for each release of the DC Health Link website. As part of that effort, NLT’s lead QA/UAT analyst:

  • Researched methodologies, business rules, and test data for designing UAT test cases.
  • Provided liaison between UAT, software developer/integrator’s technical testing, and functional teams.
  • Managed and documented operations for the Exchange’s UAT testing facility and user accounts.
  • Aligned requirements with test case design, test execution, and defect-tracking in HP-ALM.
  • Trained new QA/UAT staff.


NLT’s team included a total of 19 experts working on-site at the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority. The team composed of a program manager, technical experts, database administrators, senior systems engineers, system architects, IT security analysts, QA/UAT staff, customer support specialists, a customer communication specialist, and a technical writer.

Software tools included HP-ALM, Oracle Enterprise Manager (for SOA/ESB data transactions), MS Office suite, Salesforce, Remedy.


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