United States Department of Agriculture

NLT is leading the development of enterprise data search, discovery, and management solutions to index and link USDA’s vast geospatial, aerial imagery, and other data holdings within the Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS) and Foreign Agricultural Service.

Partnering with Voyager Search, a global leader in geospatial data search and discovery platforms, the NLT team is developing unified search solutions that index disparate repositories into easy to use web portals for user access. The result is a highly reliable, scalable and fault-tolerant engine that provides a range of tools for natural language processing (NLP), spatial searching, data protection and more. Our team of data scientists and implementation experts are tying together one of the world’s largest and most complex data libraries and building a management solution to enable users to more quickly find and manage data as well as reduce data duplication, inefficiencies, and ultimately costs.

Screenshot of Voyager Search Platform.
Voyager Search Platform.