Metropolitan Police Department

NLT designed and developed a fully integrated mobile computing solution for the DC Metropolitan Police Dept., Fire & Emergency Medical Services, Office of Unified Communications (OUC) which provides centralized, District-wide coordination and management of public safety voice radio technology and other public safety wireless communication systems and resources. NLT’s multidisciplinary DevOps team designed, prototyped, developed, installed, trained and then monitored and maintained in-vehicle hardware, ruggedized laptops, GPS, and a suite of software systems. The new mobile data computers (MDCs) were configured to communicate via emergency wireless networks and GPS for vehicle tracking enabling integration with a CAD-based dispatching system to provide faster, more accurate responses to front-line field emergency events.

The team assisted in the development of of custom metrics, reporting tools, and dashboards for monitoring of more than 1,200 field devices and 4000 users improving efficiency, transparency,  data access, and improved public safety for the DC community!

images of police officers