Louis Berger Group

NLT Helps Develops the Public Comment Console

NLT helped The Louis Berger Group develop LBG’s Public Comment Console, a custom web application designed to help public utilities manage comments from the general public about transmission-line-siting projects. Tracking each comment and all correspondence related to it, the application and its supporting database serve as a legal record for the utilities’ planning and public outreach campaigns.

The accurate storage and retrieval of comments in a secure application with high availability is the high-level mission of the application. Activities that NLT carried out to achieve that goal included design and management of a SQL Server 2005 database to store all records; development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the secure C#. NET Web application built on an IIS application server using Visual Studio 2008; integration with Active Directory for authentication, and use of additional third-party tools such, as iTech Sharp, for integrated functionality.