Health Benefit Exchange Authority

The District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX) implements a state-based health insurance marketplace in the District of Columbia ensuring access to quality and affordable health care to all DC residents.

To establish a single, streamlined secure solution to provide these services, HBX contracted with NLT to support the development of the DC Access System (DCAS), a district wide health and human services solution that supports an on-line health insurance marketplace where individuals and small businesses can shop for and enroll in private health insurance coverage. It also allows consumers to apply for federal advanced premium tax credits and Medicaid. DCAS integrates and provides access to private information including: Medicaid and Health Care Alliance, Cash Assistance: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Program on Work, Employment and Responsibility (POWER), Interim Disability Assistance, Refugee Cash Assistance and General Assistance for Children, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Food Stamp Employment and Training (FSET), among others.

NLT’s multidisciplinary team of system architects, application developers, information security experts, database administrators, quality control and customer support specialists provided comprehensive information technology services to support the development of DCAS to ensure eligibility determination, health plan comparison, and case management can be done in a secure web-based environment that allows central data management, reporting and interfacing with Federal and DC agencies through the DC Health Link. NLT’s cybersecurity specialists led the development, implementation, and management of multi-factor authentication, hardware security modules, data encryption and key management, and network encryption solutions and were responsible for monitoring and managing network security and uptime as well as database back-up and recovery procedures were in place and operating properly.

This important work developing and implementing the DC Health Exchange enabled the District to offer a successful online secure state-based health insurance marketplace for thousands of residents and workers.