Reflare is an IT security training company helping executives, tech professionals and staff create more secure organizations. Through its market-leading curricula for developers, administrators and enterprise-wide employees, Reflare enables individuals, managers and businesses to manage IT security L&D activities in more affordable and effective ways. The unique model of delivering scalable, hands-on, browser-based trainings and evaluations increase the development of the practical skills that deliver more resilient systems and networks.

Reflare’s licensed distributors provide the RCS portfolio of scalable IT security training programs. These programs are designed to upskill systems administrators and developers on secure coding and system architecture, and non-tech employees with modular IT security topics most relevant to their workflow. Armed with this knowledge, staff can create, maintain and use systems and applications that are significantly more resistant to cyber-attacks.

Key features of RCS training programs:
• PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 compliant
• Centrally managed, could-based, and easily scalable
• Attendance is location and time independent
• Browser based with no requirements for plugins or pre-installed software

Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2010, Reflare has deployed the RCS portfolio in organizations from a variety of industries in the Asian market. In 2015, the London, U.K. office was opened to serve Europe and Middle- Eastern licensed distributors. Earlier this year, Reflare America was launched as the dedicated licensed distributor for our North American customers.

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