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Robert PittsApr 22, 2008 10:17:00 AM1 min read

NLT joins the LizardTech exclusive group of resellers to provide customers with Enterprise Class Geospatial Solutions

New Light Technologies, Inc. (NLT) joins the LizardTech exclusive group of resellers. More on the reseller arrangement with LizardTech can be found at the Lizardtech’s press release website. LizardTech's line of geospatial software products enables an efficient workflow for high-volume, high-resolution image management. LizardTech products include GeoExpress for compression and manipulation, Spatial Express for storage, and Express Server for high-performance delivery and publication.

GeoExpress provides image manipulation tools such ase workflows,  re-projection, lossless encoding, color balancing and compression to improve and ensure interoperability and aid standards compliance. GeoExpress encodes geospatial image data to the industry standard MrSID and ISO standard JPEG 2000 multi-resolution image formats, both easily reusable in downstream applications, without any compromise in image quality.

Spatial Express is a toolset for moving massive raster imagery in and out of an Oracle Spatial database for use in geospatial applications. Using industry and ISO standard multiresolution formats, Spatial Express enables organizations to centralize storage of their geospatial data, reduce load and memory usage on database servers, and lower storage space requirements by 95 percent or more.

Express Serve is a server application for rapidly distributing large datasets of raster imagery. With Express Server, users on any device over any connection access imagery faster. Express Server enables organizations to serve more users in less time using widely adopted standards and familiar tools - without adding hardware or bandwidth.


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