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William LescureJun 13, 2012 9:49:00 AM1 min read

Arc2Earth Has a New Product Called Sync

I recently attended an Arc2Earth webinar that discussed their new product. Sync replaces Arc2Earths cloud solutions. Sync allows users to easily publish and share their local ArcGIS data. This new Arc2Earth product allows you to create data locally on your desktop and easily publish that data to online tables. The online tables that Sync currently supports are Google fusion tables and CartoDB tables.

There are a number of other online tables that are in development now, but will be supported in the future, including Google Earth Builder, GISCloud, GeoIQ/GeoCommons, and ArcGIS Online for Organizations. Arc2Earth Sync makes it easy to share data and to work collaboratively, making sure that everyone involved on a project or in an organization is working off the latest data.

Sync synchronizes edits from ArcMap,, mobile clients and WFS applications with your online tables and a local cache on your computer. Sync also integrates easily with and existing client libraries like Google Maps or Leaflet.

Additionally, Sync uses a local file geodatabase, which allows users to bring data into the field on mobile devices. While you are in the field and disconnected from the internet, you are able to draw, edit and analyze your data. Once you are back from the field, you are able to connect to the internet and Sync your data with your online tables.

In recent years there have been large steps taken within the GIS industry to improve the ease of publishing, sharing and collaborating on data. Arc2Earth has been a big part of that industry trend. Their new product, Sync, is the next step in improving the ease and ability to publish, share and collaborate on geographic data.


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