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Tim KuhnSep 13, 2013 2:53:16 PM1 min read

New Light Technologies goes into its teen years this month!

Like every year for the past 13 years, we are amazed yet again, that it has been another year since New Light Technologies, Inc. (NLT) was started. We are blessed to be around after this long and look forward to the next 13 years.  While 13 years in business seems to be relatively small compared to the many companies that have come before and lasted for decades, 13 years is a long time when we compare to the many start-ups and businesses that have come and gone.

It’s fitting that NLT now is reaching its teen years as we feel our way through some growth spurts and come into our own. The last 13 years have seen NLT through lots of ups – and some downs – all of which have resulted in lessons learned that we have come to rely on and leverage for the next stages of the company’s growth.

Thanks to the entire NLT team who were there when we started. And welcome to the new team members who will help us get through the next 13 years. In honor of our 13th year, we are releasing two videos that were compiled recently here that discuss our work in progress and illustrate better than words what we have created.

Video One is a discussion about the culture at NLT:


Video Two is a discussion on what it’s like to work at NLT:

We hope you enjoy the videos and we welcome your feedback.


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