Project Overviews

District of Columbia Office of Zoning Map (DCOZ)

Anthony Puzzo, an account executive for ESRI, and Nyambi Nyambi, the chief technology officer for the D.C. Office of Zoning, describe their experience teaming up with New Light Technologies to create the D.C. Office of Zoning’s new GIS application. The GIS map, which has been adopted by the city, has a great interactive and simple application which shows zoning layers for the city of Washington, D.C. Together, the D.C. Office of Zoning and New Light Technologies have charted new territory.

District of Columbia Government

Yvette Rivers, a former contractor with the D.C. Government, shares her experiences working with New Light Technologies on GIS related projects.


Heath Hayward, a geographer with the United States Census Bureau and a former New Light Technologies employee, gives a look at the Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics program. The LEHD program is used to disseminate workforce data, primarily employment data, at the local level using administrative records. LEHD is a relatively low cost way of getting comprehensive statistics about the country’s economy.

Since the program required GIS expertise, the U.S. Census Bureau teamed up with NLT to help design the OnTheMap Emergency Management Application, which brings in disparate data sets from many different federal agencies onto a live web service. This allows federal agencies to see how many people will be affected by a tracked emergency. The program has grown exponentially and is now collecting data from 50 states.


One of New Light Technologies more exciting projects that is currently ongoing, is their partnership with FEMA to map the location of affected people and businesses in the impact area of Hurricane Sandy.

DC Department of Transportation

When Gus Viteri, the former assistant chief technological officer for the District of Columbia Department of Transportation, began looking for a solution to implement real-world GIS into their systems, he knew to turn to New Light Technologies. According to Viteri, NLT came to the table and provided solutions and concepts that helped the DC Department of Transportation streamline development and create rapid development applications that could be put up on their website in short time with good results. “NLT brought a good breath of people that were not just GIS folks, but programmers who knew the industry they worked with,” said Viteri. “Every single time we used them, the people and the product were very pleasantly surprising both in price and schedule.” According to Vitari, working with NLT meant that the DC Department of Transportation always met deadlines and came in under budget time after time.

Founder and CEO of NLT, Ghermay Araya, stood out to Vitari because he “always stood behind the product, and the people he brought with him were always long-term employees.” Vitari was able to trust what NLT did, and could rely upon them being upfront and honest whenever the DC Department of Transportation needed a solution or product. Vitari credits NLT’s experience working with federal governments when thinking about how well NLT integrates their tools and solutions to whatever project is at hand.

DC Metropolitan Police

Matt Brownlee, former program manager for Metropolitan Police Department, worked with New Light Technologies in 2006 and 2007 when they were contracted with the DC Police department. NLT provided support on refreshing and putting new technology into the different police cars of the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

According to Brownlee, NLT provided a test bed for the police department to test various pieces of equipment in order to learn their functionality, and demonstrated the ability to work with the department’s various shops that manage the repairs and maintenance of the vehicles. Brownlee credits NLT’s methodology of how to bring in and implement solutions with how well the project went.

“It was a substantial improvement in technology when compared to their old equipment, which had been outdated for several years.
They were totally committed to the success of that program.”
-Matt Brownlee