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NLT can help you find the best GIS and IT Service provider.

NLT has compiled the key criteria essential to the process which is delineated in its free book, “Choosing a GIS or IT Contractor.”

Use this resource to help you find the most diverse, flexible, and creative solution.

This Ebook Will Teach You:

  • How to evaluate and select a GIS or IT service provider that is right for you.
  • Whether to procure GIS and IT services from a single vendor, or multiple vendors.
  • The best method to determine ease-of-use when comparing vendors.
  • How to differentiate between service and product companies and which better suits your needs.


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“A good GIS and IT service provider understands your business and its needs and operates like a platform –  flexible, fluid, and user-friendly. It also provides value through its strategic advice and creativity in addition to unparalleled breed technology and solutions.”
-Choosing a GIS or IT Contractor