NLT Culture

New Light Technologies supports a culture of independent thinkers and actors who have the capacity to work through problems and fosters a productive and supportive working environment. When employees are content with their jobs, the company overall will succeed. As such, NLT is constantly seeking new ideas to improve its workplace. A great place for people at varying levels of their career, NLT provides employees with exposure and access to new capabilities, along with partnering with all the leading players in the industry. Learn more on how NLT gives its employees invaluable experience and allows them to work on projects that cater to their interests.







If you are looking to join a dynamic company that promotes a strong work/life balance and leads the industry in providing cutting edge solutions for the public and private sectors, then NLT is the place for you. NLT team members are creative problem solvers who are committed to exceeding client expectations and who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. NLT offers competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, and a network of like-minded team members that drive innovation. Browse through some of the great positions NLT has available and learn more about the culture at New Light Technologies.



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